The main foundation of our company is fair tourism. We always have this mantra in mind.

So, since the beginning of the company we established somes fair rules.

Our main rules are :

- Everybody must be happy, not only the customer but also all the people who have provided any service. This means that guides, porters and others must be retribuated at a correct level.

- Each quotation must be enough detailed so that any tourist must be able to verify at any time during our service that people earn effectively what we said.

- Each quotation must include a fixed percentage for the insurance and equipement of guides and porters. We shall provide receipts.

- The benefits of the company are cleary detailled in each quotation. These benefits are only used for the administration of the company and salaries and are never redistributed as profits for the owners.

- The local culture and environment must be preserved and we should ensure that our activities bring a positive experience to local people. We do this by growing awareness about responsible tourism to our customers.

- We only rely on local people who also commit for Fair Tourism.

- At the end of our service we ask our customers to provide a Customer Satisfaction on Tripadvisor. This will help us to improve.

- We always refuse to provide any service which could imply any kind of exploitation.